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Pick the location, select your package, choose the OS, and you are ready to rock that meeting! Just, don't forget get your coffee! If you have a few more minutes, looking at the different add-ons that we've prepared for you wouldn't hurt, either.

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Your Server Is Ready!

Performance Series

We use only the best in the market. If your business requires something more project-specific than the E5 and E7 performance series CPUs, we can also provide Intel Xeon Gold series too! Just define your needs, and we'll get it ready for you.

Full SSD

Our SSD-only approach for the virtualization infrastructure means just one thing: You'll always get the best performance in your digital business.

What You See Need Is What You Get

A powerful CPU, lots of memory or storage capacity: We always try to cover all your needs. But we also know that every growing business has a different need. That’s why we’re ready to answer your business-specific requirements. Your wishes are our commands.

Your offers are not addressing my needs. What else do you have?

It’s OK. We provide solutions up to 80 vCPUs, 512 GB RAM and 5TB SSD storage with Raid 50 (plus spares) configuration. If you need even more hardware capacity, we can always design your solutions together.

OK, you have got some juicy server deployments. But our infrastructure needs multiple servers to work together, on a private network. Do you have any solutions for this scenario?

We can offer solutions in a virtualized environment both regarding physical resources and network needs. We can configure all your needs for you and provide you the necessary configurations based on your topology.

Can we manage our resources?

Do you want to manage all usage of your reserved resources? We're cool with that (e.g., network, processor, memory, storage). You can create, edit or delete as many virtual servers as you want depends on your resources. If you ever need a virtual switch in doing so, we can always define, configure and then put it in your command.


Los Angeles

Additional Features

DDoS Bigprotect

If you need extra protection, you can always get our optional DDoS protection services as an add-on. DDoS protection is not available in all locations, and subject to change in terms of protection type and capacity based on locations.

No Deployment Fee, No Contracts

Deployment fees and binding contracts are past! No matter what you need, how much you need, we are ready to realize it.


Regular, easy and hassle-free backup for your data thanks to the image backup service, provided by Bigcore. The best part? The image backup service takes place in a layer on your server, so you don't have to worry about the system and network resources.

Budget-Friendly License Solutions

Cpanel, Plesk, Mastro Panel or whatever you need! You can manage your licenses, from web hosting management panels to virtually anything related to server management from the fast and cost-effective Bigcore platform.
All licenses provided through Bigcore should only be used on the Bigcore network.

Limitsiz Bant Genişliği

Limitleri sevmediğini biliyoruz, o yüzden hepsini kaldırdık! Sen sadece port hızını seç, trafik hesabını düşünme. Limitsiz trafiğe ek olarak 10 Gbps’a kadar port hızı ve paylaşımsız hat teklifi için de bize ulaşabilirsin.

Maksimum Uptime

%99,9 uptime oranıyla 7 gün 24 saat “ayaktayız”. Sen bizi bekleme, yat

A Broad Range Of OS & APP Support

We have an extensive list of operating systems & applications ready for you. You just need to pick the OS –or tens of apps- you want and install it with a single click on your admin panel. If the OS you are looking for is not in our archives, please contact us and let us see what we can do for you ASAP.

Why Bigcore?

Bigcore SSD Cloud

Instant Activation & Automatic Deployment

Your server is ready in a couple of minutes after the payment process is complete.

True SSD Infrastructure

All of our servers in all locations are built on 100% SSD infrastructure (Unless otherwise stated).

Available Apps

In addition to tens of operating systems, you can also install many popular cloud apps with just one click.

Administration Panel

You can manage all of your operations from the admin panel such as opening, closing, resetting your servers, installing a clean OS or cloud apps with the touch of abutton, or adjusting your system properties to suit your needs.

Real Time Resource Management

You can adjust your server resources with a press of a button. Track it on your panel, in real-time.


No physical server limits: You can get high capacities such as 80 vCPU, 512 GB RAM, 5 TB SSD and 10 Gbps without any loss of data instantly. * Capacities may have small changes based on your location.


All of our systems provide high tolerance for errors with Raid 50+ Spare discs. But we also provide HA (High Availability) services with SAN technology for critical trade operations. You can contact with support for detailed information.

DDoS Protection

If you need extra protection, you can always get our DDoS protection services with a budget-friendly price